Betfair Promo Code

If you sign up for a new customer account today using the Betfair promo code you will get a cool promotion – and join one of the stars of online betting. Learn more about Betfair bonus code 2019 here. 

Betfair Promo Code Details

All bookies offer welcome offers these days as they know it is a very competitive market where the punter is in charge – of where to place his or her bet anyway! Betfair have gone down a familiar route of offering free bets as an incentive for signing up for a new customer account.

Betfair Welcome BonusDetails
Is there a welcome bonus?yes
Applicable toNew Customers Only
General ConditionsT&Cs Apply, New Customers Only, 18+
Betfair Promo CodeAvailable

By using the Betfair bonus code you will automatically qualify for the free bets with Betfair promo code. All you need to do to get your free bets is to remember to enter the code when prompted when you register. Don’t worry, it is all very simple and we will go through the whole procedure in a moment.

But first let us just clarify what you get for signing up for a new customer account using the Betfair promo code. With a few industry standard terms and conditions thrown in, you will receive a nice welcome bonus (T&Cs apply) to be used in the Betfair sportsbook. That sounds pretty good – so how do you go about it?

How to Sign Up Using the Betfair Bonus Code

Betfair Promo Code

As we said, the signing up process is very easy and quick – so you can start using your free bets in no time! Here is a step by step guide to make sure you know what to expect:

  • On the main Betfair home page you will see a ‘Join Now’ prompt in the top of your screen. Click it
  • A new, separate window will open which is essentially the sign up form
  • First you will need to enter some personal information
  • Step two is the security section – you will need to enter a password to be used every time you log in, as well as provide an answer to one of a selection of security questions. This will be used if you have any difficulty logging in to your account in the future
  • You then just need to confirm what currency you will be betting in and then enter the most important information in the whole process
  • The last box you need to fill is the one asking for the Betfair promo code. This is where you enter the code. It is this Betfair bonus code that qualifies you for the free bets
  • And that is it! You are now the proud owner of a Betfair customer account. Just deposit some funds and you can start betting!

Why Betfair?

With so many online betting companies out there in the market they do need to have some kind of hook to make you want to choose them over everyone else. Although their welcome bonus (T&Cs apply) not a bad welcome offer, it doesn’t really stand out from a lot of their competitors.

But there is one aspect of Betfair that does stand it apart from the majority of the other online betting companies – and that is its Exchange section.
This means that Betfair isn’t really a bookie in the traditional sense at all. They are more of a middle man. You bet against other Betfair customers – Betfair finds them for you and you can virtually name your odds!

We’ll take a closer look at the Exchange and how it works in a little while but if you are looking for online betting with a something a little bit different then Betfair could be just the right place for you.

The Betfair Site

If you are at all familiar with online betting sites then the layout of the Betfair site is not going to be a surprise. This is obviously designed this way as no bookie wants their customers having to work out for themselves where everything is and how to place a bet.

Saying that, the Betfair site is attractively laid out and manages to present a lot of information in an uncluttered way. You are always being made aware of other sections of the site or some of the range of promotions available at any given time. But that is not to say that you will feel bombarded by their marketing. It doesn’t get in the way of the main reason that you have visited the site – to bet.

Even if you concentrate your time in the Sportsbook section you can still be aware of other sections – either through the ‘advert boxes’ placed in between lists of odds and markets, or by taking a glance at the ever present menu bar across the top.
We will concentrate on the Sportsbook for this review but you can see that Betfair also offers a good range of other ways to gamble:

  • Exchange
  • Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Poker
  • Exchange Games
  • Arcade
  • Vegas Slots
  • Macau
  • Bingo
  • Euros Pools
  • Virtual Sports

As well as the quick links and highlighted feature sports markets there is also a handy list of Football Specials to help you with your selections.

Football Betting at Betfair

As a new customer it is very likely that you will probably head for the football markets first. It is the most popular sport to bet on online and with more and more markets added all the time that seems unlikely to change.
If you are into your football betting then you may want to use some of your free bets you received for signing up for a new account using the Betfair bonus code on one of the many markets available.

As we mentioned earlier, it is difficult to be revolutionary in how an online betting company presents its markets but Betfair have included a couple of nice tweaks to the usual formula. If you go to the football section of the site you will still be presented with a list of matches that are currently being played followed by some upcoming games. But Betfair have included a neat way on how to break down the matches so you can check out the kind of games you are interested in.

Just before the list of matches Betfair have a grid with all the various choices at the time you are looking at the site – including Featured, Today, UK Football, Euro Elite, Barclays Premier League, Internationals – and so on.
There is also the option to choose ‘Browse All’ which gives you every league and competition that currently has a market so there is no way you should miss out on making the bet you want.
You can, of course, bet on any of the big matches – whether they are in La Liga, the Bundesliga or the English Premier League, as well as all the major international tournaments across the world.

But you might want to use your free bets to explore a little bit further afield – and maybe out of your comfort zone. Betfair has markets on all kind of smaller leagues and cups such as the Costa Rican Primera B and the Polish U19 Central Junior League.
With such scope you should be able to find a bet that is right for you, wherever in the world the match is being played!

In Play Betting

If you are not aware of in play betting then all you really need to know is that it is exactly as it suggests – betting while an event is on progress. It is obviously a very popular way to bet and the quick turnover of markets also means that there are lot of bets that can only be placed thanks to the introduction of in play.

You can still bet on the same markets as you would otherwise but the attraction of in play is that you can bet on a whole lot more. From next goal, to next point to next throw in, in play betting has it all and you need to be up with what is going on to make sure you get some value in your odds.
And as the markets can change as an event goes on it also means that the odds change in correspondence to what is happening in the event. This is how you can really get some good odds if you have some good knowledge about an event – or even just a really good hunch!

Betfair lead with the football in play markets but you can also bet on tennis, golf, cricket and a whole host of other sports this way. You can see how many events in any sport are available at any one time and click into the one that you want. The match odds are the default setting for the market you see immediately but that can be changed from the drop down menu if you have a particular kind of market that you prefer.
In play betting brings even more excitement to sports betting – and a range of new markets – so it could be a good area to invest some of the free bets you received for signing up for your account using the Betfair promo code.

Sportsbook Quickbets

If you like the idea of responsive betting then Betfair’s new way of betting will really be of interest. Their Quickbets markets are designed to provide sports betting markets with very short time frames.
As is the Betfair way, you can make a selection on an eventuality happening or not happening but the attraction here is that they are on eventualities relating to the next minute of play.
Betfair are introducing these micro markets across a range of sports including football, cricket, rugby, boxing and American football and it is expected that they will become very popular with punters keen to get an immediate response to their bets.

Other Sports that Might Catch Your Eye

Football may be the most popular sport to bet on – especially when it comes to online gambling – but there are plenty of others to discover on the Betfair site.
Other popular sports to bet on include tennis, golf and horse racing and all are very well represented here.
Tennis has so many different competitions and tours that you can always find a match somewhere in the world to have a punt on. And if you are more interested in following the big names such as Djokovic, Murray and Williams, Betfair have the grand slam events covered.

Like other sports, the big events in tennis are the ones where people have a bet even if they don’t fanatically follow the game the rest of the year. There is usually some kind of promotion tied in to the big events as well so remember that when Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open or the French Open come around each year.
Golf and horse racing are also well covered with race meetings from the UK and Ireland as well as the rest of the world. Always a traditional betting sport, you can find all the odds and markets whenever you want at Betfair.

But there are plenty of other smaller, niche sports with their own markets as well so if you have a particular interest in what would probably be termed a minority sport then you might want to take a look at the list of sports covered at Betfair to see if your expert knowledge can be put to good use.

Political Insight

It is probably because there is no other section to put it in, but for some reason political markets are always listed with the rest of the sports markets. So if you’ve had enough of some serious betting you could always take a look at what is on offer in the surreal world of politics!

It is sometimes commented on that the public are turned off politics and there is too much apathy due to the politicians themselves. Well maybe more people should have a bet on the issues of the day and then we might see some real voter interest!

An Introduction to Virtual Sports

More and more people are watching computer games like they were real sports with some of the players being heroes in their own right. It is possible the rise in popularity of these kinds of events that has heralded the arrival of virtual sports markets on online betting sites such as Betfair.

All the events use a random number generator program to determine the outcome but it is just like watching the real thing when you have some specially designed markets on the game.
At the moment you can choose from horse racing, greyhound racing, football, speedway, motor racing, cycling and tennis. Betting on virtual sports markets is exactly the same as with real life sports, although there is not as many type of markets available and you cannot cash out on your bets here.
It may seem strange to more traditional punters but these kind of ‘sports’ are increasingly popular so if you feel like you’ve had enough of the real world for a while, why not check out the virtual sports on offer?

Cashing Out on Your Bets

Bookies are always coming up with more ideas to get more people betting – and getting more people signing up for customer accounts – and one of the success stories is the cash out feature.
Being able to get a return on a bet before the end of the event sounds too good to be true but that is exactly what you are able to do now. Whether you are guaranteeing a profit or just cutting your losses, getting something back is always better than nothing.

You can even just cash out on a portion of your stake and keep the bet alive as well so you really do have more chances than ever to come away from a selection with some kind of return.
You can easily identify whether you can cash out on your bet as it will say on your bet slip. So then it is really up to you whether you have complete trust in your initial bet or you would like to modify it to make sure you get something back.
There are a number of sports that you can use the cash out facility with including football, tennis, horse racing, golf and basketball. It gives the punter more flexibility with their bets and can make even the most badly advised selection turn out not quite so bad!


Price Rush Odds at Betfair

Betfair are definitely one of the more innovative online betting companies out there and part of the reason why is the way they are set up as an exchange rather than a traditional bookie. This allows them to come up with more good deals for the customer.

One attractive feature is their price rush facility. Now, most online betting companies are able to boost the odds on popular events now and again as a way to increase custom but thanks to Betfair’s set up they are able to do this without as much financial trouble for them!
When you place a bet with Betfair they can automatically check thousands of other prices offered through their customers on the exchange. So if they can they will increase your bet with higher odds than advertised.

You will be alerted at the time of the bet that your price has been rushed and a new possible return included on your bet slip. And the good thing is that you will never receive a worse deal than the original price so you will always be in a better position to win.
At the moment price rush odds are only available on single bets in certain markets in football, tennis, golf, basketball and horse racing and also some in play sports markets.
It’s another great feature to keep the customer satisfied and get them to keep on coming back to make their bets long after they have signed up for an account using the Betfair bonus code.

Betting On the Go with Betfair

Online betting has made life so much easier for everyone but the introduction of mobile betting a few years ago has revolutionised how people bet.
Once it was a case of having to find a high street bookie that was open and then we were able to bet from the comfort of our own homes. But now we are no longer tied to our home computer if we want to place a bet – and we don’t have to plan ahead either. Being able to make your bets on your mobile phone or tablet device frees you up to do so much more.
The vast majority of online betting companies have a downloadable app these days as they know that it is becoming increasingly the most popular way to make your bet these days. And Betfair is not a bookie that is usually left behind by technical improvements!

You could just use your phone or tablet’s browser to access the Betfair site but for a more optimised experience you really should download the app. It is available on both iOS and Android devices and is very simple to get.
If you have an iPhone or iPad you can download the app straight from the Apple app store. If you have an Android device you will need to visit a link that you can find easily on the Betfair website and then download the latest version to your phone. The reason for the slight difference is that Android devices use the Google Play Store that doesn’t allow gambling apps.
You can access all the same features as the home desktop version, including in play markets, price rushed odds and the full range of sports markets. And for using the Betfair app on your phone or tablet you will also receive a special gift!

The app is fully synced up to your account so you will always know exactly where you are. Having the ability to place a bet whenever you want and wherever you are gives the customer even more freedom. If you have a smartphone then downloading the app as well as signing up for a customer account seems like an easy decision to make.

Casino, Games and Poker

If you fancy a break from all that sports betting then you might want to check out the casino section of the Betfair site. There’s plenty to choose from – whether it be the classic casino table games, or the latest in jackpot slots. Your welcome bonus doesn’t apply in the casino section but there’s also a whole host of promotions dedicated to this section so you should be able to find a few nice surprises along the way!

The table games available are some of the classics known the world over – blackjack, roulette and craps to name just a few. Or if you feel like taking more of a chance you can have a go at some of the slots or arcade games and see if lady luck is smiling on you.
For a little bit more glamour, sophistication and real life experience you could choose the Live Casino option where you can play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, sico-bo and hold ‘em with real live dealers.

Just like in the sports section you will be offered further promotions once you have signed up for your account. With brand new promotions every single week you could be getting spins and bonuses every time you visit!
There are so many games and variations of games in the casino section of the Betfair site that it is probably a good idea to take your time exploring the entirety of it to make sure you’re not missing out on any of the action.

The Exchange

As we have touched upon earlier, Betfair is different to a lot of the online betting companies that it competes against in that it is actually an exchange as well. This means that punters can bet between each other with Betfair finding matches for anyone wanting to place a particular bet.
The customer is also given the opportunity to bet on either side of the eventuality of an event. This means that you can vote that something will happen as well it not happening. Or to put it betting terms – you can back or lay an eventuality. This obviously gives you even more scope with your betting.
For your bet to be placed on the exchange you will need it to be matched. This means that Betfair are able to find another customer who has the opposing opinion to you. Once you have this match the bet is in play.

These are completely separate bets than in the general Sportsbook section. Just because you might have placed a ‘normal’ bet in the Sportsbook doesn’t mean that it has gone through in the Exchange. If you also want to place the same bet in the Exchange you will have to make a second bet in the relevant area.
Although all this may sound complicated to anyone who hasn’t had any experience of betting using an exchange before it is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. There are more bets available thanks to being able to bet on either side and you can even name your own odds. As long as there is someone to match your bet it is on!


Betfair Affiliates Scheme

If you have liked what you have read so far about Betfair you may be interested in how you could make some money by partnering up with them – as well as with your winning bets hopefully!
Betfair run an affiliate scheme where you can earn money for referring people to their site. If you have your own website or blog you could apply to join the affiliate scheme and get paid for other people joining up.

If you affiliate application is approved you will be able to put Betfair banners or links on your own website. If these are clicked on by someone visiting your site – and they go ahead and sign up for a Betfair account – you will earn a commission. You will earn a very enticing 30% revenue share as well as a life time revenue for the players who are referred through your site.
So, you get to earn money simply by placing Betfair adverts on your site. That sounds like a pretty good deal! All the details can be found on the Betfair site but as long as your site is deemed to be a good referrer then your affiliate commission will soon be coming in.

Payment Methods at Betfair

So now you know more about the Betfair site, the markets and odds you can expect as well as a little bit about the different sections you can bet in, you might be interested in how you manage your money once you are a customer account holder.
When you sign up using the Betfair bonus code you will need to deposit funds into your account to start betting. There are a variety of different methods you can use to do this:

  • Visa debit or credit card
  • MasterCard debit or credit card
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Paysafe card
  • Neteller
  • Bank transfer


Whichever one of these methods – apart from a bank transfer – you use to deposit your money it will show up in your Betfair account instantly so you will be wasting no time waiting for anything to clear before you can get betting. A bank transfer will take anything from two to five days to process.
When it comes to withdrawing funds from your Betfair account there is what is called a closed loop policy in force, which means that you can only withdraw via the same payment method as you did to deposit.

And it depends on what withdrawal method you are using to how long it will be before you can access the money. Debit and credit cards can take between two and three days whereas most of the other methods are slightly faster.
The delay in getting your money is nothing to do with Betfair but just standard banking procedure that can’t be changed.
The other very important thing to remember here is that the amount of ‘days’ listed refers to working days so if your withdrawal falls over a bank holiday you will be waiting slightly longer.


Getting Help from Betfair

Hopefully you will have come to realise that the usability of the Betfair site means that you are probably not going to need to know what to do if you have a problem but just in case here is some information about their customer support.

It may be just because you need clarification on a bet or a forgotten password but whatever the issue the Betfair customer support team will be able to help at any time of the day or night.
They can be contacted in a variety of ways and it probably depends on what you need help with as to the method that you choose. The quickest and easiest way is probably by live chat. The typical response time is about 30 seconds so if you need some help in a hurry this is a good way to go about it. Having a real time message chat should be able to help you with what you need.
If you would rather speak to the customer support team member you can always phone – calls are usually answered within 30 seconds here as well. If you’re problem is not quite as time sensitive you could email. This also has the advantage of starting a trail if you need to go back to something later on. Emails are usually answered between two to four hours.
Of course, if you prefer the old fashioned way you can always write to Betfair. The address you need to use for this is:

Betfair Customer Service, Icon One, Lytton Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 1AG, United Kingdom.
Alternatively you could use social media to find out what you need to know. Betfair customer service is on twitter at @BetfairCS. And there will be someone monitoring the twitter feed between 8am and 11pm (UK time) every day.


Betfair Promo Code Review

It is probably fairly clear from what you will have read that Betfair is very highly regarded in the online betting world – and for a variety of reasons. The actual welcome offer presented with the Betfair promo code is nothing out of the ordinary – something nice to get you going with your account.

But what you are getting by using this Betfair bonus code is a customer account with an innovative company who have features that you won’t find at a lot of their competitors. Bringing an exchange into the mix is a perfect example of this. There is no obligation to use the exchange section of the site and you can just bet as you would with the majority of the online bookies. But Betfair give you that extra option which is something they are pretty good at.
With the ability to name your own odds there is obviously an attraction for anyone looking to explore the world of exchange betting. It is just another example of offering something a little bit different.

Betfair seem to continually look to introduce new features into the world of online betting and many of their competitors now offer some of the attractions that they first brought in.
If you are looking to sign up for a new account at a market leading bookie then you could do a lot worse than choosing Betfair.